BBQ and Buffet Catering Cheshire

About us

Clever CateringHere at Clever, we’re always smiling, because we love what we do. And what is it that we do? We deliver great-tasting barbecue food at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate events.

We like to think we’re pretty adaptable and we’re also eager to please, so a complimentary home visit to refine your menu comes as part of every booking. Ours is not just service with a smile – it’s a tailored service with a smile.


I’d been working in management positions, looking after large catering teams, and I wanted to do something a bit more personal; something that would allow me to show off my skills as a chef.

I trained in hospitality and catering and spent many years working in restaurants around Cheshire. It was fun and challenging, but increasingly I wanted to make my own decisions about what to cook and I also wanted to escape the confines of the kitchen.

I love the challenge of cooking for large numbers and I love the adrenaline of a busy service. But most of all, I love cooking for people.

Barbecuing gets me out of the kitchen; it allows me to see which dishes work well and which need refining. However, most importantly of all, it also allows me to see the happiness that good food can bring.


I’d been working in the hospitality industry since school, originally at the lowest level and working my way up to become assistant manager at a busy restaurant. Realising that this was my kind of work, I undertook an event management degree. I’m still studying, but Clever also allows me to put everything I learn into practice.

Like Martin, I love the idea of creating an event for people; seeing their happiness when celebrating their special occasion and knowing that it’s at least in part down to what we’ve delivered.

I have a real passion for making every event special, no matter what it is. I get a huge buzz from working around people and sharing their excitement. I look forward to all the future events we’ll do and I hope we can make many more people’s days that little bit more memorable.