Classic BBQ

 £10 per person

Littlers’ beefburgers with cheddar cheese

Tender 4oz beefburgers sourced from Littlers Butchers of Northwich

Littlers’ thick pork sausages

Succulent pork and herb sausages made to Littlers’ own unique recipe

Satay chicken skewers

Tender chunks of chicken breast in a rich, spicy marinade

Tandoori chicken skewers

As above, but marinated in our own special blend of Indian spices

Vegetarian burgers

Beef-style quorn burgers with red onion

Vegetarian sausages

Cauldron vegetarian Cumberland sausages made with vegetable protein with a herb and pepper seasoning

Fried red onion

Selection of breads

Classic sauces and accompaniments

Four salads and side dishes of your choice